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Let's get your CRM plugin ready to use by setting up users' permissions to plugin's data and features in "Administration\CRM\Access" menu.

The Access rights can be edited by pressing edit icon in permission you need:

Or several permissions can be granted to different groups at one time by pressing "Grant permissions to groups" button:

Choose one or several groups to set permissions for, choose permissions and press "Save". To give access to all permissions in the list select groups and press "Grant all permissions".

There is a list of permissions in CRM, see detailed description in the table below. Each permission can be assigned to:

  1. JIRA group - column "Groups" (the first column in the screenshots above). Group permissions have the highest priority.

  2. Members of any Company attribute with  "JIRA user" or "JIRA group" types - column "Company attributes" (the second column on the screenshots above). It's a dynamic permission assignment.  
    See screenshots above, with these kind of permission assignment  all users can see companies list and details, but only Sales manager of specific company  (and administrators) have permissions to change Company details, add contacts.
    "Sale manager" is a Company attribute with "JIRA user" type.  See more  Set up Companies Directory

The full list of permissions is below.

Access to main menu CRM

Users without this permission can't see CRM menu in top navigation bar of JIRA, so they can't work directly with CRM dictionaries (Companies, Contacts and others).

Company card viewPermission to open Company card with detailed Company data. In case the user don't have Edit companies permission, the Company card will be open in read-only mode.
Contact card viewPermission to open Contact card with detailed Contact data. In case the user don't have Edit contacts permission, the Contact card will be open in read-only mode.
Company details editPermission to edit records of products&services table in issues.
Edit products and servicesPermission to edit Products and Service dictionary records.
Add products and servicesPermission to add Products and Service dictionary records.
Remove products and servicesPermission to remove Products and Service dictionary records.
Edit contactsPermission to edit Contacts Dictionary records.
Add contactsPermission to add new Contacts Dictionary records.
Remove contactsPermission to remove Contacts Dictionary records.
Edit companiesPermission to edit Companies Dictionary records.
Add companiesPermission to add new Companies Dictionary records.
Remove companiesPermission to remove Companies Dictionary records.
Edit the values in dictionariesPermission to edit records in custom dictionaries.
Add the values to dictionariesPermission to add values to custom dictionaries.
Remove the values from dictionariesPermission to remove values from custom dictionaries.
ExportPermission to export Companies and Contacts dictionaries (see Importing/Exporting Data)
Worklog Report AccessPermission to create worklog report (see CRM Worklog Report)
View issue transactionsPermission to view transactions in issues (CRM Transactions field type)
Add and edit issue transactionsPermission to add/edit transactions in issues (CRM Transactions field type). Notice that Add and edit issue transaction right should be given with View issue transactions right.
Order details editPermission to edit field CRM Products & Services in issues
Transactions page accessPermission to view Transactions directory
Companies page accessPermission to view Companies directory
Contacts page accessPermission to view Contacts directory
Products page accessPermission to view Products & Services directory
Directories page accessPermission to view Custom Directories
Reports page access

Permission to view Reports directory

View issue products&servicesPermission to view CRM Products & Services field inside JIRA issues
Products Report AccessPermission to create products report (see CRM Products Report)
View budgetPermission to view budgets
Add budgetPermission to add budgets
Edit budgetPermission to edit budgets
Remove budgetPermission to remove budgets
Show feedback buttonPermission to view Feedback button in CRM side menu
ImportPermission to import Companies, Contacts dictionaries and Transactions list (see Importing/Exporting Data)
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