A user doesn't receive reminders

  • Check that outgoing mail is enabled on your instance (.../secure/admin/OutgoingMailServers.jspa)

  • Check if the user has access to the Jira instance (users with no access will not receive reminders)

The deleted reminder stays in an issue

Problem: a user deletes their reminder within an issue, after reloading the page the reminder is still there.

Check: as a Jira Admin navigate to Jira Settings → System → Global Permissions and ensure that the group atlassian-addons-admin has the permission to Browse users and groups:

Cause: the Reminder app checks user permissions to manage reminders by checking user groups. So the app itself requires the permissions to browse users and groups. The atlassian-addons-admin is a technical group for the apps. (warning) This permission is essential for the plugin to work properly (warning)