Our support engineers may ask you for the clientKey parameter to eliminate a bug on your Jira site. This is the parameter that allows us to locate the problem in logs.

Example of clientKeyfa09d781-d6c1-368e-bf5e-58cfa3aa67d0

How to find it?

Step 1. Staying in Jira, open the Developer Tools in your browser.

Step 2. Keeping the DevTools open, navigate to any task and create some default reminder.

 Reaching the DevTools differs from browser to browser
  • Keyboard: Ctrl + Shift + I, except
    • Internet Explorer and Edge: F12
    • macOS:  +  + I
  • Menu bar:
    • Firefox: Menu    Web Developer → Toggle Tools, or Tools → Web Developer →Toggle Tools
    • Chrome: View → Developer → Developer tools
    • Safari: Develop →Show Web Inspector. If you can't see the Develop menu, go to Safari → Preferences → Advanced, and check the Show Develop menu in menu bar checkbox.
    • Opera: Developer → Developer tools
  • Context menu: Press-and-hold/right-click an item on a webpage (Ctrl-click on the Mac), and choose Inspect Element from the context menu that appears.

Step 3. Find the clientKey information:

  • go to the Network tab
  • search for the notification in the search bar
  • go to the Preview tab of the notification file