What is the problem?

This feature solve known Portfolio for JIRA Issues: JPOSERVER-1815,  JPOSERVER-1818JPOSERVER-1591

You worked hard and created a great plan - but Portfolio for JIRA doesn't commit scheduled or target dates to JIRA Issues.

It can be a problem especially when you work with Kanban teams and have no sprints. 

With Portfolio Toolkit  you are able to  reflect Portfolio target dates inside JIRA issues and even transfer target dates to Due Date field or any custom field.

Let's do it.

How to reflect target dates in issues?

After installing Portfolio Toolkit you get two new types of custom fields:

This field type always shows committed Portfolio Target End of an issue.

This field always shows committed Portfolio Target Start of an issue.

Create two custom fields of these two types and place them on necessary screens. You are done (smile)

How to transfer target dates to Due Date or my custom field?

In case you need to transfer Portfolio target dates to some your special custom date fields of  issues or to Due Date field, then you need some more configuration.

Let's say you need to transfer Target End from Portfolio to Due Date of issues.

1) Go to your already created Portfolio End Date Custom Field and open configuration:

2) On the configuration screen go to  Edit the field destination

3) Chose Due Date option in Destination property:

You are done. NB! Currently this will work only if Porfolio Toolkit custom fields will be put on the view screen of issues.

How to reflect Sheduled dates in issues?

Unfortunately, Portfolio Toolkit can't do the same with Scheduled Portfolio dates (yet). 

But inside Portfolio plan you always can convert Scheduled Dates to Target Dates in two clicks:

First, at your scope, after you calculated new Scheduled Dates check all issues:

Second, use Set target dates from calculated feature