HelpDesk & Jira Access

HelpDesk access is based on a user group as well as Jira access. You can separate Jira users from customers or combine the access permissions as you'd like by including users in one or more different groups. The following are some popular app access scenarios.

Use Case 1: Customers should not access Jira, agents work in Jira and could be customers as well.

Jira-access-related group(plus)(minus)
HelpDesk-access-related group(plus)(plus)

Use Case 2: Both Agents and Customers are actually the same users who work in Jira. Everyone should be able to create a request. HelpDesk is required for more user-friendly requests creating.

  • HelpDesk-access-related group = Jira-access-related group

Use Case 3: Both Agents and Customers work in Jira. Some of them are allowed to create requests, others should only work on requests.

  • HelpDesk-access-related group = Jira-access-related group
  • ability to create requests should be restricted by project permissions

Working with issues in HelpDesk

Customers can create issues via different channels and work with existing issues using the customer issue tracker.

Project Permissions

HelpDesk provides you the great flexibility of project permission setting for your customers. They might not only have the ability to create and comment issues but also edit and pass through the workflow (if set up). All those permissions can be provided and controlled through the standard Jira project roles and permission functionality for each project individually. Consider checking the existing projects and particular issues permissions before allowing your customers to log in to the Customer Area.

There are some permissions limitations in the HelpDesk interface:

Project PermissionWorks on the Portal
Browse Project(plus)
Manage Sprints(minus)
Assignable User(minus)
Assign Issues(minus)
Close issues(plus)
Create issues


Requires HelpDesk superuser to have this permission as well

Delete Issues(minus)
Edit Issues(plus)
Link Issues(minus)
Modify Reporter(minus)
Move Issues(minus)
Resolve Issues(plus)
Schedule Issues(plus)
Set issue security(plus)
Transition issues(plus)
Manage Watchers*(plus)
View Voters and Watchers(plus)
Add comment(plus)
Delete All comments(minus)
Delete own comments(minus)
Edit all comments(minus)
Edit own comments(plus)
Create attachments(plus)
Delete all attachments(plus)
Delete Own attachments(plus)

* note that the Manage Watchers permission requires the global Browse Users permission (as well as in Jira). Check carefully if you should grant this global permission to your customers.

Read Step by Step with HelpDesk to set up permissions.

Browsing the existing issues

The issue visibility through HelpDesk is not only defined by the Projects visible via HelpDesk settings. A customer must also apply for the standard Jira permissions:

  • the Browse Projects permission in the target project
  • the issue security level matching for the target issue (if the issue-level security is set for the target project).