This tiny app allows you to browse the following information in an issue:

  • Epic Estimate – estimated Epic time; for your convenience this standard parameter is displayed not only within Epic entry, but also in all child issues.

  • Epic Time Spent – logged time of the Epic, summing up the work logs of the Epic itself and the work logs of the Epic's child issues.

  • Epic Remaining – remaining (or overrun) time of the Epic.

  • Epic Ratio – the percentage of spent time to the Epic estimated time.

The EpicTime app functionality is only available for the issues of the Epic type and for the issues included into an Epic (the issue type doesn't matter in this case).

How to run the time counting

Starting with a new Epic

All four fields are auto-populated and depend on the epic estimated time. Don't forget to specify the Epic's Original Estimate information while creating or editing an epic.

Create issue

All app fields will be auto-populated in accordance with the Epic's Original Estimate.

app fields

Proceeding with the existing Epic

For the existing Epics the app works just the same. Specify the Epic's Original Estimate if required – and the count will work.

What if my issue doesn't included into an epic?

No matter when you include your issue to an epic – the fields appears right away after you do that.

Color Scheme

The system colours the fields in accordance to the time remaining related to the original estimation as following:

  • 0-50% – green
  • 51-100% – brown
  • > 100% – red

Creating the filters

You can make a number of different filters with the EpicTime app fields, that will allow you to browse the information in the convenient way:

  1. Select the columns to be shown in the filter.
  2. Use the JQL for the advanced search of the issues (read how to use the JQL in the Atlassian documentation).
  3. Save the filter by pushing the Save as button. Done!


You can easily use the JQL looking for the issues with the specific Epic Ratio: specify the percentage (don't type the % sign) to find all issues with the Epic Ratio you need. The example below shows the JQL-request for all epics in the "to do" status and with estimated time been overrun.