The web section allows you to see only the information related to an Epic where it is displayed. But what if you need to see the information from many Epics at once?

We've thought of that. We have EpicTimesheets Reports!

Getting the Report

Step 1. Navigate to Apps → EpicTimesheets;

Step 2. Select the projects you want to look through;

Step 3. Select the particular Epics you want to check (or just click all epics);

Step 4. Generate the report;

Please note that the more Epics you choose, the more time it may require.

After the report is generated, you will see a table with your results.

The report includes information not only about epics, but also about the individual tasks and subtasks affiliated with each epic. The report provides you with an accurate account of your project's progress and helps with time management and resource allocation.

Quick Filters & Report Details

The content of the table can be filtered and sorted: you can use a search by Epic Name, and you also can filter rows by resolution field, switching between UnresolvedResolved and All issues.

If you ever need to remember what did you put into fields when you generated this report, you can click on "Show details" button, and it will show you exactly that.

At this point it is not possible to save the search as you would save a filter in Jira, but the idea itself is in our backlog and will appear in the app at some point in the future.