New features:

  • Advanced Project Time Tracking: The report now offers a more comprehensive and detailed overview of the time spent on the project. It has been enhanced to include information not only about epics, but also about the individual tasks and subtasks affiliated with each epic. This will provide a more accurate account of your project's progress and allow for better time management and resource allocation.

  • Better Report Accessibility: You are now able to access the report not only from the main app’s page but also directly from the issue page. This improvement aims to provide quick access to the information you need.


Major features:

  • Epic Timesheets custom fields support is added (on Confluence as well).
  • JQL search for Epic Timesheets custom fields in Issue Navigator is added (Gadget support as well).
  • Epic Timesheets fields' (web-section) values recalculating "on the fly" is improved.

Minor improvements:

  • Reports visual improvements.
  • Icon and name (EpicTime → Epic Timesheets) update.

The app functionality is now available for Jira users without a Jira Software license.


Team-managed (ex Next-gen) projects are now supported.


Project-specific logic was added for Epic Estimate calculations:


  • Bug when issues not included in Epic are displaying EpicTime fields was fixed.
  • Error 403 when calling a report has been fixed.
  • Epic Estimate field now displays only Epic's "Original Estimate" field value, excluding original estimate values of issues included to Epic.


  • Improved connection security
    • HSTS included
    • TLS version 1.2 is now used


Fixed bug

  • Bug with EpicTime issue section not loading was fixed.


  • EpicTime issue section is now available in Jira cloud mobile app!


 (info) the app is now paid

The ability to change time conversion was added on the global level.



Fixed bugs

  • EpicTime Report: problem with only one epic available for the report was fixed.
  • Minor UI improvement
  • EpicTime Report: the field "Choose the board(s)" is not limited by 50 values anymore, and you can choose a board from all options.



New Features


  • The following columns were added to the General Report: StatusPriorityReporter.


  Initial release