Section Overview

The EpicTime section settings (see the Admin Guide) allow placing the section in the left or in the right block.

Section Content

You can find the following information within the section:

  • Epic Estimate – estimated Epic time; for your convenience, this standard parameter is displayed not only within Epic entry but also in all child issues.

  • Epic Time Spent – logged time of the Epic, summing up the work logs of the Epic itself and the work logs of the Epic's child issues.

  • Epic Remaining – remaining (or overrun) time of the Epic.

  • Epic Ratio – the percentage of spent time to the Epic estimated time.

  • Epic Key – the issue key of the Epic (link to the Epic).

There are some cases when you can see a different picture within the section:

  • The issue is included in an Epic and the epic's estimated time is not specified
  • The issue is not included in an epic

Fields Color Scheme

The system colors the fields in accordance with the time remaining related to the original estimation as following:

  • 0-30% – green
  • 31-100% – yellow
  • > 100% – red