Linkings company and contact to an issue

The CRM app provides a CRM section in issues for linking an issue with a contact and/or a company.

According to settings:

  • the contact could be auto-populated by the issue Reporter or manually selected
  • the company can be auto-populated by the contact or manually selected:
    • if there is a company associated with the contact, the Company field will be auto-populated
    • if there are 0 or 2+ companies associated with the contact, the Company field will not be auto-populated (selecting a company manually will link it with the contact)

You can open the selected CRM entry, view and manage its parameters.

Displaying linked issues in CRM

There is a special Linked Issues attribute that can display the issues linked to a particular CRM entry. You can check the list of linked issues and navigate to them both from the grid view and from the entry detail view.