There are two types of custom directories available to configure according to your needs:

  1. Lists. Allows adding a listing field to Company/Contact card.

  2. Tables. Allows adding a table to Company/Contact card.

After creation you can use a directory as an advanced field type for your Company and Contacts cards.

Directory creation


Go to the Lists on the main CRM menu → click on "Add list" button → specify the Name and tick the "Create multiple list" option if you'd like to choose multiple options from the list → click on "Submit" and that's it (smile)

To fill the list with the options click on the list you created → click on "Add record" button to create various options.


Go to the Tables on the main CRM menu → click on "Add table" button → specify Name and add fields → a table is created.

In the opened window you'll see pretty the same structure as for Companies/ Contacts directories' template. Add at least one tab and one field to your Table directory and it's ready to be used (smile) 

(warning) It is necessary to define fields for a Table directory: before start using a table you need to add attribute fields to a table structure.

For now, the available limited number of field types: number, text (255 symbols), checkbox, email, URL, date.

slightly differently

Directory configuration

When custom directories are created you can add them to a Company or a Contact card following the steps:

  1. Go to the Companies/ Contact directory templates settings.
  2. Create a field with a List or Table field type. 
  3. In the appeared List or Table Name field choose the one you'd like to add.
  4. Specify Field Title and Tab (that will contain chosen custom directory) as usual.
  5. Click "Add".

How to use custom directories on a Company/ Contact card

Lists and Tables working principles are a bit different on a Company/ Contact card. 

Working with Lists assumes that you need to add values (options) right in a particular List's custom directory and then choose an option (or options for multiselect type) that are suggested in the field.

(warning) You need to define the values first and then choose from the available ones on a Company/Contact card.

Lists' options are viewable on the Companies/ Contact grid: you can hover over mouse to the ship icon and have a glance at the options that are chosen for the particular company or contact.

Slightly different work Table directories: you can add record both ways - right from the directory or being on the Company/Contact card.

Records on the Company/Contact card can be created, added and removed. You can add records that are already existed in the directory or create a new one on the go.

Table custom directory type can not be shown on the Companies/ Contact grid so far, but can be viewed and edited right from the web-section in the issue view.