Universal Directories for Jira – think outside the issues

Almost everything in Jira can be stored as an issue: sales, vacations, even items, and personal notes! However, not every entity really needs a separate project and a workflow. Universal Directories for Jira is a solution for storing structured data – different objects with their parameters and dependencies – right in your Jira.

Key Highlights

  • Keep all information inside your Jira.
    Structurize and store various objects inside your Jira: the full directory is in one click – on the upper panel of Jira. And the issue-related objects are available in the handy web-panel right in an issue.
  • Set various object templates.
    Create structured templates to make information collecting easy and convenient. HR (Human Resources), CRM, assets management, geodata and much more! Use Cases & Ideas
  • Link objects with issues and in-between.
    Connect objects in different ways to mirror your real data structure. Extend issues with Universal Directories data and vice versa. Easily navigate between linked objects and issues.
  • Get reports in real-time.
    Use powerful filters to make different kinds of selection without learning any special query language. Use handy filter options for a more complex selection.
  • Easy search and filtering of custom fields.
    Use the same methods to search for Universal Directories custom fields as for the regular select-lists. The same jql-queries are available.
  • Use the standard post-functions.
    Clear field or copy the value from a parent on transition using the standard Jira post-functions.

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