Minor improvements: icon and name (Catalog → Universal Directories) update.


Jira 9.0 compatibility.


Security improvements.


Jira 8.17 compatibility.



  • The Catalog Select (multi) custom field is now available. It allows a user to select several Catalog objects in an issue from a directory. The field can be used in cascading selection and based on the standard Jira multi-select field.



  • New types of attributes are now available: EmailTextareaURLGroups.
  • The Number attribute: an ability to switch to Float was added.
  • The Number attribute: negative values enabling is available in the attribute settings.


  • The Directory and Multi Directory Items were merged into the Catalog Object attribute with the ability to specify the number of entries to select.
    (warning) The dependent Directory Attribute attribute was deprecated and is not available for new templates.
  • The cascading selection was improved: now a user can select both incoming-type- and outgoing-type-linked Catalog entries.
  • The import wizard was added to simplify the import process in a Catalog directory.

Fixed Bugs

  • The Catalog Select custom field is now to be imported correctly via the Jira import wizard. A user can perform bulk linking issues with Catalog objects.


Fixed Bugs

  • Incorrect filtering of Catalog Object field type entries was fixed.
  • Bug when "Linked Catalog Entries" and "Linked Issues" fields names not displaying in entry card was fixed.
  • Bug with "all entries" checkbox choosing only records from one page was fixed.


  • Commas and semi-colons are now prohibited in entries names.
  • Audit log in Catalog administration was improved.
  • Minor visual improvements.


The price model was changed. The app is now paid.

New Features


  • Filters in the user section are now separate from the visible columns, that allows more powerful filtration.
  • Attribute uniqueness check improvements.
  • Minor visual improvements.


New Features


  • An entry created via the Catalog Select (single) custom field to be automatically selected in the field
  • A hint added for the Catalog Select (single) custom field that a user should start typing to get the list of relevant options.
  • A selected directory is now highlighted in the list of directories.

Fixed Bugs

  • Catalog doesn't affect the Look&Feel section in Jira administration anymore.


Data Center compatibility added.


Fixed Bugs

  • Bug with "From creation" option in fields properties was fixed.
  • Empty records are not displaying while directory export anymore.
  • Export of directory entries was fixed
  • Attribute types: Date attribute validation was added.
  • Minor naming changes.
  • Jira 8.12 compatibility was added.


Initial release


Fixed Bugs

  • The attribute type cannot be changed after creation anymore to avoid any inconsistency in the existing data
  • Error message for an absent page was added
  • The directory name attribute was made mandatory
  • Title attribute default field size was adjusted
  • Catalog Select custom field: minor design improvements
  • The directory title 'required' option cannot now be unchecked
  • The irrelevant error message in the Catalog Select customer field was eliminated
  • the system attribute cannot now be deleted
  • Minor bugfixes