Select-lists with easy access to options

It's not always convenient to ask your Jira Administrator to make corrections in the Select List options. Especially, if your options have to be changed on a regular basis. With Catalog you can create custom select lists and decide which groups of users should be allowed to manage them.

A service catalog for your Service Desk solution

Create a list of products and allow customers to select them in requests. Use the cascading selection to keep information consistent.

Being compatible with Jira Service Desk, this feature is even more powerful in HelpDesk for Jira, where your customer can be granted with the same variety of permissions as internal users. They can select, browse and even create and edit (if allowed so) new entries!

Structure of your internal information

Interlink catalog entries and use the dependencies for easier management of information.

Definition of an abstract parameter in Jira issues

Do you have the values that users cannot select easily? Use the Catalog to allow users to check a definition in one click.

What to keep in the Catalog?

You can keep almost everything in the Catalog:

  • products & services
  • assets
  • geo-references
  • terms & definitions
  • HR-information
  • ...