User Types

Speaking of rights in the context of Catalog using, there are 3 main user types working with the application:

  • Catalog admin (=Jira Admin) – configures the app, manages catalog settings. All settings and tips descriptions are available in the relevant section of the documentation.
  • Catalog users  (=Jira users) – Jira users who can work with Catalog directories within the Catalog section and/or within issues (according to their permissions) using the special custom field.
  • Other users – users with no access to the Catalog section. They can be your internal users or customers, they can still work with the Catalog custom fields.

Setup Overview

At first, the Catalog application should be added to your Jira. Read how to find, add and manage the Server apps (Atlassian documentation). The Catalog Settings section will become accessible for a user with Jira Admin rights at the Jira Administration section. You can also use the system hotkey G+G to find the Catalog settings.

Grant yourself all the permissions to work with catalog directories.

The app doesn't work out of the box – it must be configured before. Read how to set up the Catalog Section and the custom fields for linking Catalog with Jira issues.